Roof Inspections

Our Roof Inspections


Are a thorough, unbiased, expert assessment of your existing roofing or waterproofing system; including a Roof Inspection Report with pictures and detailed descriptions in an easy to read PDF format. Our Roof Inspection will assess the overall condition of existing roof or waterproofing system, but is focused on gaining an accurate assessment of the following:

  • Approximate life expectancy
  • Installation issues
  • Performance issues, and any necessary repairs, maintenance, or roof replacement.
  • If work is deemed necessary, a detailed proposal for recommended roof repairs or roof replacement will be provided with the Roof Inspection Report.


“Peace of Mind” – Knowing your property is adequately protected.

Buying or Selling – Most general inspections do not thoroughly cover the roof; therefore a “specialty” Roof Inspection is required.


To get an estimate for your project or more information in regards to your roofing needs, please feel free to call us or submit the estimate form.

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