New Roofing

Modern Roofing Inc.


Has worked with a core group of General Contractors, Commercial Builders and Custom Home Builders, for over 30 years on New-Build projects.

We will work with your General Construction Company through the various stages of New Construction Roofing. To ensure the roofing portion of your project is completed safely and successfully. We will follow a simple checklist prior to job start:


  • Establish effective lines of communication with your project managers and site managers.
  • Confirm actual build measurements are accurate to plan detail.
  • Designate staging, storage, roof traffic paths, and access to job site.
  • Trade-related Sequencing The proper coordination of trades is necessary to ensure safety and prevent unnecessary roof damage.
  • Trade related roof penetrations and details are completed prior to installation of new roof.
  • Review and enforce ISHA Safety requirements.
  • Review and implement Manufacturer Requirements.
  • Prior to job start, come to clear agreement on how Changes to Scope or Change Orders will be addressed.
  • Modern Roofing Inc. is Manufacturer Certified to install Roofing Products and Roof Systems.

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